Tuesday, October 12, 2010

C + + / CLI object of speculation recorded the Object Layout

C + + / CLI is a relatively pure C + +, support the creation of managed reference object, managed object to allocate memory from the virtual machine and management, the programmer can no longer worry about the memory leak problem. In fact, that white is the equivalent of their own to create a memory pool, and the virtual machine actually do so.

In the CLI, all classes derived from Object, including the value of this int. So the internal structure of how the Object like? Vm code through the research, you can see in general is structured as follows:

Users Save handle to a managed object, in fact, can be seen as a pointer to a Object pointer, which contains a MethodTable in Object pointer, this type of information preserved MethodTable and some function, which is like the same virtual function pointer. Many of the operations are accomplished through the pointer, such as Allocate (), such as Box (), UnBox () and so on. Followed behind in MethodTable is the real data.

This MethodTable is very core vm inside a class, it can be done by a lot of action.

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