Friday, September 17, 2010

Jobs: find a good quality of the work of eight major

Employment Guidance Centre Beijing not long ago, college graduates more than 150 state-owned enterprises, private and high-tech enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises in human resources and some colleges and universities conducted a survey of the characteristics of the following eight Students welcomed by most employers. In fact, not just the graduates, any person who would like to find a good job, need to have the following qualities.

Identity Corporate Culture in the shortest time

"Corporate culture is the spiritual pillar of the survival and development. Staff only recognized corporate culture can grow with the company." Shell's head of human resources, said, "We are in recruitment will focus on job attitude and examine students professional orientation is consistent with company needs, individual self-understanding and development of space is the company's corporate culture is consistent with the trend. "

Beijing College Graduates Career Guidance Center experts suggest: "college students jobs before, to focus on selected businesses have some understanding of corporate culture, and to see whether they agree with the enterprise culture. If you want to join this enterprise, we should make their own values and enterprises consistent with the values advocated in order to enter the enterprise, the initiative to put myself into the team, the enterprise culture to constrain their behavior, as the company due diligence. "

Sense of belonging and loyalty to a team of enterprise

Survey showed that state-owned enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, private enterprises are the human resources agreed that the company would prefer to be an adequate loyalty, even if capacity was close, and also in but do not want to be an extraordinary ability to play fast and loose people.

A company's human resources manager that the staff of the company loyalty, reflected in the staff and the success and prosperity of the company's interest, no matter the boss is not present, must earnestly work, encouraged to go to work. Employees a sense of belonging, his loyalty and ultimately let him achieve the desired goals, thus becoming a trusted person, a boss to hire the person, a right-hand man who could become the boss.

Beijing College Graduates Career Guidance Center Han Chunguang teacher, said: "Enterprises in the recruitment of staff, in addition to test their ability level, the individual behavior is the most important assessment. Did not conduct the people can not use Yebuzhide culture. Conduct of The most important aspect is the company loyalty. that is both able and loyal business people, every business needs is the best talent. "

Not demanding alumni of prestigious universities as long as the comprehensive quality

Ji-Tong Network Communication Co., Ltd. of human resources who said, "Our company is not demanding elite and professional counterparts, even more rare in the profession, as long as the overall quality of a good student, learning ability and adaptability, a problem in time to see crux of the matter, and in time to mobilize their own capacities and have learned to quickly release their potential, develop a workable plan, it will also be welcomed. "

Survey analysts pointed out that "As enterprises increased competition, companies pay more attention to the quality of talent. Because the talent is to create products for enterprises to win a major factor in the profit. Some companies, especially technology companies with low levels, and not just value students academic performance, and more attention to the overall quality of students, this is the employment characteristics of modern enterprises. their overall quality is more important than academic qualifications. "

With dedication and professionalism

"Now, some rather low-quality young career, there was a young man, the reasons for being late for work the morning last night watching TV actually is seen too late. New to the students work problems or difficulties encountered, not timely communication with colleagues, until the leadership in the only reported delays in the progress of work, these are not the dedication and professionalism of poor performance. "Zhongguancun Electronic Co., Ltd. Human Resources Department who said," Businesses are looking to strengthen the community school students survival outlook, values education, strengthen the professional quality of students, emotional intelligence, adaptability and psychological quality. With the dedication, the other is relatively easy to cultivate quality. "

Professional technical capacity

Beijing Science and Technology AG, a human resources manager, said, "Professional skills of our employees the most basic quality requirements, IT industry to hire and pays more attention when the technical capacity of applicants. When the applicants in the recruitment of the same capacity if, perhaps will give priority to recruit graduate students. However, after the academic level into the company is not the main measure, and will pay more attention to practical techniques, who can do it and who is to have a skill, who Take the high wages. "

Strong communication skills, have affinity

BOE Technology Group, the head of the Ministry of Personnel, said: "Our company Ren Wei, college students need improvement Nengli is communication capabilities. Qiye need is to Yunyongziji good for communication skills and Qi Ye Neiwaiyouguan personnel contacts, to co-operating with concentric Tong Germany, completed the organization's mission and purpose of man. "

Teamwork and collaboration are

Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation, the human resources person said: "From the perspective of the growth of talent, a person belongs to the team, there must be spirit of teamwork and collaboration, and only in an atmosphere of good social relations, personal growth will be more successful. "

With a passion to work

"Passion is a powerful emotion, a kind of people, work and faith strong emotion." Guiding College Graduates Beijing Ren Zhanzhong, director of "The enthusiasm of the employees without a job can not complete their high quality work, let alone to create results. Only those who have a genuine desire on their enthusiasm, are likely to put their wishes into a beautiful reality. "

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